good mood music from acronym artists

take the jump

Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

“Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me
I’d never amount to nothin’, to all the people that lived above the
buildings that I was hustlin’ in front of that called the police on
me when I was just tryin’ to make some money to feed my daughters,
and all the niggaz in the struggle, you know what I’m sayin’?”

B.I.G >>>> Tupac

it’s all good baby BAYBAY. if you know every word to this song, you’re a good person. in fact, you really should already have this song on your computer, but if you don’t it’s about damn time

on another note, the shoutout to “B-Town” is for Brooklyn, not Bloomington

N.E.R.D. – Wonderful Place

in this cheerful offering from the group’s last record “Fly or Die,” skateboard p takes us into the world of hallucinogenic mushrooms. a little thom yorke, no?

sample lyrics:

Damn, it’s setting in now (so high)
Cuz cartoons are turning into real life
Lemons and limes are fighting
Fighting over straws
Like they were oil filled pipes

And why’s the sun writing this song
And why is this funny to me
All of a sudden the mouse comes along
and what he sings brings harmony

The wallpaper’s moving
My arms and my legs leave
A blur when i swipe
Sap is just oozing
The trees say “smoke blocks the sun”


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