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ween yourself

ween – chocolate town 


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powder white, get your sniff on

ghostface & raekwon – kilo 

a kilo is 1000 grams – it’s easy to remember

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brother ali – walking away

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i want a new drug

glenn phillips – i want a new drug (HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS COVER!)

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let’s revisit a classic

112 – anywhere (ft. lil zane)

The show is as usual stolen by Marvin “Slim” Scandrick. Slim is the guy with the memorable girly voice that reminds you that you’re listening to 112 and not Jagged Edge. Slim wants it slow and he wants “sex sex, baby.” look out for the cameo by Lil Zane, one of my favorite Tupac impersonators from back in the day. He lets the ladies know that he’s sexually aroused by Dutch Master cigars, he’s willing to have sex in his rented 500 he’s going to pump you so hard that you’re going to think he’s mad at you. But he’s not. He’s just a sexually frustrated virgin feeling like a prisoner on lockdown

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this mix is for your ghetto love interest


ghostface – killa lipstick (ft. method man & masta killa)

off the newly released BIG DOE REHAB

cunninglynguists – wonderful (ft. devin the dude) 

off their recently released lp “dirty acres”

styles p – look @ her 

off his latest record, “super gangster, extraordinary gentleman”

photo courtesy of gisele bundchen, wwf (panda version) and water

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