back on my bullshit


hello motherfucker hey hi how ya durn??  a few people have read this “blog” before.  but a lot of people have not.  hopefully more people will begin to.  there are several aged posts, some featuring good mixes of valuable mp3’s and some that could only be described as ????

i’m back with my co-conspirator trying to get this back off the ground and keep it updated rather regularly this summer.  he will undoubtedly introduce himself in the next post.  he’s nice
as you can see to your right, the itunes has become overun with coke rap all-stars, a favorite genre of mine.  the retarded amounts of lil’ wayne and young jeezy can only be attributed to several hours dj’ing fraternity beerpong.

anyway glad to get the first post in over a year done with, look for big things.  i’m gonna have fun with this


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  1. yeah marc, you listen to sick music, wayne, sublime, thats the best shit, RHCP, thats the same shit i listen to, fuck yeah bro

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