modest mouse – “satellite skin”

Modest Mouse – “Satellite Skin”

Not really new, but Isaac Brock and co. have been sitting on it for a while.  This is from their forthcoming b-sides EP entitled No One’s First and You’re Next which is set to be released in August.  The good news is that new Modest Mouse material is always welcome.  The bad news is that, though some of the EP’s tracks are indeed new in the sense that they’ve never been released, most are b-sides from the band’s last two albums – Good News For People Who Love Bad News and We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank – both of which have proved somewhat divisive for a savagely loyal MM fanbase.

I still purchased their last two albums, and will probably continue to support them, even if like most acts they are having difficulty raising the bar from some of their original efforts.  Modest Mouse is rarely stale, and I dig that.  So if you like this track, be on the lookout for No One’s First and You’re Next in a couple of months.


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