rappers and re-makes

So you’ve probably heard by now that Common will be prominently featured in next week’s Terminator Salvation, blasting evil robots alongside Christian Bale.  And by the looks of the picture above, dude has Ving Rhames potential with a shotgun.  And cool facial hair.

But the new Terminator flick won’t be the only big screen appearance where Common sports a shotty and a beard.  According the the MTV Movies blog, Common has confirmed that he will be reprising (can you reprise something in a re-make?) Mr. T’s role as B.A. Baracus in the upcoming feature The A-Team.  The re-make of the 1980’s action series will be directed by Joe Carnahan, who had a ridiculously good directorial debut with 2002’s Narc and an exteremely underwhelming follow-up with 2006’s Smokin’ Aces, which also featured Common.

Anyway, it’s obvious that Common has some big shoes to feel.  I pity the fool who has to be new-school Clubber Lang, one of America’s most beloved cultural icons.  But Common is one of the few people who might be able to pull it off.  The dude has a supreme sense of cool and is immensely likable while still possessing certain scuff-you-up qualities that allow him to step into an action hero role.  As the article notes, though, he is bald.  So pulling off the B.A. Baracus mohawk might involve some glue and a hairpiece.

Elsewhere, 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson is set to star opposite Forest Whitaker in a re-make of Jekyll and Hide.  I say opposite, of course, because Jekyll and Hide are dualing roles.  No word yet on which actor plays which personality, though the smart money is probably on Jackson being the hard-ass and Whitaker being the teddy bear with a lazy eye (although he did pull off a convincing misanthropic tyrant – which strikes me as redundant – in The Last King of Scotland.)

I can only hope we hear that Asher Roth is starring in a re-make of I Am Sam next.  Which wouldn’t be a bad casting decision at all, considering he’s already completely retarded.


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