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Heltah Skeltah – Midnight Madness (remix EP)

I mostly had to post this ‘cuz Ruck is wearing a Pacers hat.  Since I’m such there are a plethora of hats available with the letter “P” on them, I’m just going to assume this makes Ruck a Pacers fan.  Which is good, in these sub-.500 times.  But for real, Rock and Ruck do their thing nice here, and of course we get some nice production values from DJ Revolution.

Sean is a beast/You could shave the hair off my feet/Concrete flow, dude/I spit nothing but street.

Might be the brokest rapper you know, but always one of the most creative too.  I know it’s not nearly as cool to say that you’re a fan of Sean P these days as it was, say, four or five years ago (or with any of the original Heltah Skeltah/Boot Camp Clik stuff), but it’s always much appreciated when someone comes along to break up a pretty stale scene.  Ruck’s certainly been that dude lately.  I believe what he writes.  When the zombie apocalypse occurs, I want him on my side.  (Requisite “no homo.”)

Elzhi – Deep

Elzhi, of Slum Village fame, always makes nice with his solo efforts.  “Keep On” still routinely makes its rounds on my mp3 player.  And lyrically, this solo effort is just on another level entirely.

Get your dog’s muzzle/I’m drunk off the power I guzzled/Break men into pieces, leave ’em puzzled.

I was psyched to grab a Black Milk/Elzhi promo poster from Tracks in Bloomington a few months ago.  Got an Edgar Allen Floe poster too.  Didn’t know either one had been around the Bloomington area/were big enough names to get any number of promo posters out.  But I gladly took them.

J Dilla feat. Black Thought – Reality Check

From the grave, sadly.  But there’s something about the simplicity of this beat someone like J Dilla could have only really got right.  There’s, what, four or five notes in the beat?  But Jay-Dee gets it perfect.  And it never hurts to have someone like Black Thought flowing along to it.

The best week ever/Had it goin’ for broke like Eddie Griffin/or Danny Bonaduce, but no, she never listen.

If the point is to feel bad about understanding a majority of the pop culture droppings clustered on the track, then I feel like a complete pop culture vampire.  Damn, there’s a lot of that clustering, though.  Like a focused Eminem track or something.


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