what he said

I’m Collin.  And I’m kinda nice.

I realize a lot of you probably do not know me.  Which is cool, it’s kinda how the Internet(s) work, I think.  Or at least when you go to open those pictures sent from that e-mail you got via Craigslist, you certainly hope it’s not your cousin who lives in a double-wide just outside of Defiance, Ohio.  All hypothetical, of course.

Anyway, I’m Collin.  I’m “at home” for the summer.  I don’t start work until June.  Consequentially, I have literally no obligations until then and am therefore bored most days.  When I’m bored, I write.  So if you see a flood of posts over the remainder of this month sent from my direction, you’ll have to forgive me, the only alternatives are yardwork and suicide, and the ol’ ceiling fan just doesn’t hold nooses like it used to.  To give the quick rundown of the rest of my bio stuff, as if someone important is out in the crowd taking notes or something: I’m a 21-year-old senior at IU majoring in Journalism and (second concentrating in) Communication & Culture, aspiring to be some sort of writer but just writing a novel for now, like every other aspiring writer, except mine is much more likely to make your grandparents shake their wrinkly, vein-covered fists in disgust.

For mostly junkfood purposes, movies are mostly my thing, but I’m not slow on the music scene either.  Pop culture in general, I guess.  Nothing is safe.  So I look forward to keeping you all up on what you should know, and what you wish to God you’d never even been told.  It’s like a digital version of your conception story!  Given that image, how could you not want to bookmark this site?

Anyway, that’s what I got.  Hopefully you all enjoy what’s on tap here.  That starts with the next post.



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