good music for good weather

And a music post to close out the night.

Here’s just some stuff I think goes well with the 60-70 degree May afternoons.  Chillin’ in the backyard hammock, mowing the lawn, riding around with your windows down…whatever.  Just some chill stuff for a laid-back Spring day.

The Game – Bang Along

Nice beat on this one.  Just real mellow, hits the ear canal all smooth-like.  Perfect stoop music, I’d say.  For those days when you get to your friend’s apartment 15 minutes early and have nothing else to do but wait for him on those sun-basked concrete steps, brown-bagging it.  Which has to look ultra-cool to all the passers-by.  Don’t judge me, people.

Kyle Andrews – Your Tester Bunny

Alright, yeah.  I think Kyle Andrews is pretty much the most awesome musician on the planet.  This won’t be the last time I promote his music, so sue me.  This, to me, is a perfectly mellow song.  The kind of thing you can just lay back on the lawn chair to, feeling that breeze drag across the nearby retention pond, close your eyes and think of nothing but what a kickass day it is to be outside.

Blitzen Trapper – Furr

Blitzen Trapper kinda reminds me of Josh Ritter in that listening to their music really only works for me when I need to just sit back and space out for a while.  And Josh Ritter fans seem to enjoy Blitzen Trapper, which I guess makes sense because both are somewhat folk-y in nature, but Blitzen Trapper definitely feels more country overall.  Anyway, point is this is a nice track to just put on and zone out to.  Calming imagery.  Those damn hippies.

Naughty By Nature – Feel Me Flow (LP Version)

Aw, come on.  This must be one of the ultimate chill-out songs.  This reminds me of why I drive around on nice days with my windows open.  Nice, simple beat, nowhere near a cluttered, busy club banger.  Pretty much the opposite of what you play when you want something to hit hard.  That’s the point, right?  I think Treach and crew are criminally underrated.  Everyone just equates Naughty with “O.P.P.”  They did more than that!  A lot of influential stuff!

Presidents of the United States of America – Munky River

Yeah, they did stuff after “Lump” believe it or not.  I actually really enjoyed their last album, Love Everybody.  Especially this song, which is pretty obviously about maintaing a really mellow high.  And what could maintain a mellow high better than a river full of cute monkeys?  Admit it, that “good-bye” from the monkey is just adorable.  You’re a man.  You can be honest about that.  And you can accept the awesomeness that is this song, preferably while sprawled out on a picnic blanket.


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