i got a nautical themed pashmina afghan

lonely island and tpain


Fat YouTube Guy
Bert and Ernie
The Roots and Lonely Island

i realize everyone is onto “Mother Lover” now and this song is quite old, but the Lonely Island’s rendition of “I’m On a Boat” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon really revived it for me. The Roots have been far and away the best part of the Fallon show and this performance, complete with cardboard cutout boats, plush dolphins and nautical-themed choreography, was incredibly live and spirited. Black Thought as T-Pain was a revelation.

a whole slew of YouTube videos of the performance have been taken down due to NBC’s stern copyright infringement policy so we have to make due with their own slow and shitty link. but if you can make it past the load times, be prepared to enjoy a BeastieBoys-like brash performance littered with bleeps

king of the world like Leo
if you’re on the shore than you’re sure not me-yo


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One response to “i got a nautical themed pashmina afghan

  1. dont have a name

    im on a boat!

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