the million dollar question with twenty million answers.

Who goes the hardest in Slaughterhouse?

Slaughterhouse, if you’ve been sleeping on the hip-hop scene, is a supergroup of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless and Royce da 5’9″.  Except nobody ever really counts Nino Bless.  No offense to Nino Bless.  So we’re mainly talking Crooked, Joey, Joell and Royce.

Most people can agree on one thing: Slaughterhouse is one of the most encouraging things to happen to hip-hop scene in a few years, a supergroup that unites some of the most gifted lyricists in the game.  But trying to pick a favorite out of that group, to determine who “the best” is?  It’s damn near impossible.  And everyone’s going to have a different opinion.

So here are some tracks to formulate yours.  First starting with a joint by the collective so, if you’re not familiar, you can get a feel for how this goes.

Slaughterhouse – Move On (Slaughterhouse mix)

Just sick.  What else can you say?  Can you really pick a standout verse here?  This is what I’m talking about.  I mean, I could pull out some bars from each of these guys and on their own, they’re better than most other things out there right now.


If they paint hip-hop I bet my face be in the picture/if they wrote a rap Bible bet my name be in the Scriptures/if shorty say I’m her idol bet her face be in my zipper.


I love everybody/Don’t ask ’bout who I beef with/They burnt the bridge but they was standing underneath it/I’m on my grind, benjamin huntin’/Was old since I was young, call me Benjamin Button.


But we the supergroup/You couldn’t handle this shit if you was standing before us carryin’ a pooper scoop.


Where’s your beat from Dre, your feature from Cube?/These things leave people confused/’Cuz they know I leave speakers abused, I eat the EQs/I eat through the beat, what’s the secret?/I think it’s the shoes.

I mean, damn.  I don’t think the point is the pick a “best” verse, but people are going to do it anyway.  I might have to give it to Crook there.  But you know, at the same time I say that, my mind’s making a case for the others.  They’re all just that damn good.

So here’s a look at some mostly recent stuff they’ve done individually, not as the Slaughterhouse collective.  Maybe that can add some clarity.  But probably not, because all their solo stuff is equally dope.

Joell Ortiz – Get Money

Joe Budden – Who

Royce da 5’9″ – Slaughter

Crooked I – If You Ever Hear Me

Anyway, this debate could go on forever.  If you got thoughts, or a case for one of those guys as the undisputed best, comment.  Also, be sure and stay up on these artists.  And please, please, if you’re new to all of this, check out Crooked I’s Hip-Hop Weekly freestyles over at DubCNN.  What that man accomplished in 52 weeks is simply incredible.


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