dexter goes (more) hollywood in ‘gamer’

Wow.  That’s a cage match worth the price of a movie ticket.  Dexter vs. Leonidas vs. Luda.  Was Jason Statham busy?

Anyway, I’ll definitely catch this one.  The crazy trailer editing is a bit annoying, and most trailers with Marilyn Manson songs spell doom for a movie.  Hell, chances are this is little more than a 2009 version of The Running Man, but come on.  Michael C. Hall!  Gerard Butler!  Chris Bridges!  Give them hunting knives and submachine guns, and you’ve got yourself a blockbluster.

I’m wondering if it was just me or if Michael C. Hall had a bit of a southern drawl going there?  If so, it sounded really bad.  And it’s probably weird that he’s in this anyway, given that Hall was mostly a Broadway dude who has only taken critically-acclaimed television roles outside of the stage (Dexter, Six Feet Under.)  This is definitely a Gerard Butler movie.  And this is definitely a Ludacris movie.  But how the hell did they score Hall for this?  I don’t know, but I’ll be eager to find out.  I guess, to be fair, he did do the atrocious Ben Affleck action thrilled Paycheck, but that was before he could pick-and-choose his roles.  Now that he can, I wonder why he chose this.

Another reason worth keeping any eye out for this is because Lion’s Gate picked it up.  Now, yes, I realize that Lion’s Gate is responsible for all the craptastic Saw movies that come out every Halloween.  But they’re also one of the few ballsy studios left.  They’re just big enough to get distribution, but not so big as to discourage risky movies.  Case-in-point: they took Saw (the original) when few others would even consider it.  They picked up Crash when other studios thought it was too abrasive to market, and God knows the afforementioned Statham owes half his career to movies Lion’s Gate has picked up.  Of course, this isn’t to say that they haven’t had their hands in distributing something like, say, The Condemned, but still, they take chances and I like that.

Of course, we won’t find out anything about this movie until it’s released on September 4.


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