new dmx!

Wow.  The last time I heard from Earl, he was rattling off conspiracy theories in this south-of-sober interview.

But maybe the Lord gave him a sign, ‘cuz he’s back.  And, look, to me…DMX is in the Mystikal camp.  Both are likely disgusting human beings.  Does that affect me?  No.  Can both of them make music that I enjoy listening to?  Yes.  So all crack/dogfighting/battery/inciting riots at IU aside, I’m glad to hear something new.

DMX – The Way It’s Gonna Be

And I was thinking as I was listening to this: hmm, where have I heard that guitar rhythm before?  The easy answer would have been ELO, but I didn’t know that until I looked it up.  So I tried to think what would have been the most relevant source for me.  Where I could have possibly heard that before, because I was sure I had.

Then I remembered where – in the intro sequence to the greatest movie ever created:

So, because it reminds me of that, I love this song.  As long as it doesn’t taste like a burger.


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  1. happyian

    what a wonderful movie…

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