ride on.

Just got back from Cedar Point with some friends.

Pretty exhausted.  Great trip.  Can write about it later I guess, not sure anyone cares.  Not too motivated to write tonight because of afforementioned exhaustion.  Unsure of long-term motivation to write, I’m feeling a bit Will Smith in I Am Legend around these parts lately, ya dig?  The other writer is cooler than me anyway.

I won’t leave you hanging on content even just for an “I’m still alive” post – yeah, coulda posted from the resort, but who the hell does that?  Perez Hilton?  Exactly.  I refuse to become that.

So here’s a track that’s pretty much the antithesis to my surely asleep in the next half-hour night tonight.  And a prelude to my buddy’s 21st bash tomorrow:

T.I. – All Night

(What an awesome beat!  And free Tip!)


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