another ‘hangover’ on the horizon.

A lot of folks have had their eyes on this one for a while.  By all accounts, The Hangover, which hits theaters on June 5, will be one of 2009’s top comedies.  In a year that has already seen I Love You, Man and Observe & Report, that would be quite an accomplishment.

But more interesting than the inevitable stories that evolve from the film’s success: Zach Galifianakis’ long overdue chance at stardom, Todd Phillips’ triumphant return to comedy and the prospects of Mike Tyson’s acting career, is news that Variety recently broke: a sequel for ‘Hangover’ has already been slotted for 2010.  A sequel for a movie that has yet to be released in theaters.

According to Variety, the sequel will reunite the directing and producing team as well as the majority of the cast.  This is about as notable a “good faith” move as you’re likely to see in a non-action blockbuster movie.  Seconding this motion is this horrendously written review on Rotten Tomatoes (seriously, if this woman gets paid, it’s a travesty) claiming the film has franchise potential.  There are only four reviews up so far, but all are positive and claim that the movie is absolutely hilarious.

So catch a ‘Hangover’ next Friday.  Then catch the sequel next year.  Or Mike Tyson will come knocking at your front door.  And he ain’t selling no girl scout cookies.


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