lebomb james


just got back from the bar. thinking DAMN if people like kanye have a frequently updated (devoid of grammatical convention) blog why can’t i ever find the time to write some bullshit?

the lebomb james is a drink that is sweeping the…uh people from my fraternity who are taking summer classes on campus. it’s essentially a whiskey bomb – Crown Royal in some Red Bull, all topped off with rubbing salt in your hands and throwing it up in the air like LJ23 in the games/commercials. it’s really fun to take

anyways, sober posts worth reading coming to a MacBook Air near Brooklyn soon

Geto Boys – Yes Yes Y’all

this song was like the comeback Geto Boys single. look out for Bushwick Bill’s show-stealing first verse. don’t even want to tease the lyrics. one of my favorites. and the beat bangs in the trunk

no, fuck it i should just post the whole verse:

Well this is Chuck Dawg (will you ever love another bitch?)
Fuck nah! (What’s your position on a snitch homey?)
Fuck laws! (They say the Beatles was the biggest)
Nigga fuck Paul, and the rest of y’all!
I’m the little motherfucker with the big dick swangin
Nuts still hangin, got hoes singin the blues
Geto Boys in this bitch still bangin
And ain’t shit changin, ain’t shit changin
Don’t like faggots, hate politicians
Can’t stand snitches, know the Feds listen
So I, send the whole world a fuck you note
Schumacher’s got a desk job, fuck you hoes!


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One response to “lebomb james

  1. Collin

    You even posted in .m4a format! I approve of this post (and track) infinity+1 times.

    Is it bad e-etiquette to comment on our own blog?

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