The WHut?!


Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day

yo son WTF. you might have heard this song before, well this is the video. i was watching it on VH1 at like 4 AM after the bar and it really struck me. i have always thought that this band REALLY blew, but this song reminds me of a Guster song from the 90’s if every member of that band was taking estrogen pills. I love how serious the video gets – i was dying of laughter. Is Chester Bennington (not gonna google spellcheck that name – isn’t worth it) like Bono’s Hannah Montana alter ego?

what a terrible terrible song, video and band. i will never purposely subject myself or anyone else to this garbage

aside, watch Kno of Cunninglynguists video “Caucasian,” a remix to Yeezy’s “Amazing” NBA theme


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