the 10 most ‘wtf’ moments in tv history.

Okay.  Major spoilers follow, obviously.  I’ll post the show title first, and episode if possible.  If you don’t wanna know what happens in some of these series, don’t read.

Also, just my opinion on these.  Obviously I haven’t seen every television program in human history.  Just what I think.  You get mad…whatever.  No apparent order.  And after tonight’s season finale of “Breaking Bad”, I will probably have something else to throw on this list.

1.  Breaking Bad – “Negro Y Azul”

WTF Moment: DEA snitch Tortuga (Danny Trejo) is beheaded, his head placed on a giant desert turtle.  When the DEA approaches, a bomb inside the head detonates and blasts everyone to hell.

Why My Mind Was Blown:  The initial imagery of Tortuga’s head on the turtle was bizarre enough.  Then for the DEA to treat it like a giant joke, only to be blown to pieces for their pestering…just such a drastic change of events.  Eerie to somewhat funny to downright disturbing.

2.  Skins – “Effy”

WTF Moment: Josh springs an elaborate trap in which Tony is forced to have sex with his sister, or watch her die if he refuses.

Why My Mind Was Blown: Because it really went there.  This might be the most sinister plot I’ve ever seen in a series.  Okay, so Josh finally takes pity on Tony after beating the hell out of him and doesn’t make him go through with it.  But still, the lengths Josh goes to in order to get Effy to the party and drugged up, then lure Tony to the same party and present him with such a horrible ultimatum…it’s shocking.  And somewhat plausible.

3.  The Shield – “Post Partum”

WTF Moment: Convinced Lem is finally too much of a liability, Shane drops a grenade into his lap and walks away.

Why Mind Mind Was Blown: You just didn’t really think anyone was gonna pull the trigger, especially after Vic sets up an escape to Mexico.  It’s not only the suddenness of the act – it comes out of nowhere, you literally have no idea what Shane has done until he walks away and the car explodes – but the look on Lem’s corpse afterward.  Like “holy hell, you really just did this to one of your best friends.”

4.  The Wire – “Clarifications”

WTF Moment: Kenard murks Omar.

Why My Mind Was Blown:  This is the definition of anticlimactic, but thematically, it makes perfect sense.  The stage is set for a huge showdown between Omar and Marlo, then little punk-ass Kenard randomly guns down everyone’s favorite homo thug.  Omar Little was an absolutely iconic television character.  And to die like he did, at the hands of freaking Kenard, shocked everyone.

5.  Dexter – “The British Invasion”

WTF Moment: Lila leaves Doakes to die from a gas leak explosion in a cabin, Doakes almost makes it out but dies.

Why My Mind Was Blown: Similar to what happened with Omar, Doakes’ death was so anticlimactic.  There were a couple episodes really hinting at a showdown between he and Dexter, and there was some downright devilish matching of wits between the two.  But Lila just comes along and ends his life like it’s nothing.  One of the most prominent, interesting characters in the series…offed by the series’ worst/dumbest/most annoying villain.

6.  Oz – “You Bet Your Life”

WTF Moment:  Said and Adebisi fight to the death in a closed-curtain cell.  We assume that Adebisi – the strongest, most ferocious prisoner in Oswald – has come out victorious.  But really it’s the undersized Said, who has been forced to kill the man he had tried so hard to reform.

Why My Mind Was Blown:  It was probably a little gimmicky, but the order in which the men come out of the cell leads you to believe Adebisi was victorious.  And when you realize he wasn’t, you realize not only did Said win the battle unexpectedly, but will now be faced with owning up to murder – a blatant sin in his religion.

7.  Oz – “Works of Mercy”

WTF Moment:  Beecher receives a package in the mail room containing his kidnapped daughter’s hand.

Why My Mind Was Blown: You could write a ‘WTF moment’ list about “Oz” and have a good 20 entries.  Specifically with anything related to the Beecher-Schillinger beef.  This is where it just gets nasty though.  Beecher has the opportunity to really hurt Schillinger by messing with one of his jailed sons, but decides not to in order to seek out a truce with Schillinger.  Schillinger does not trust Beecher to make good on the truce and has his outside guys kidnap, torture and kill Beecher’s daughter.  That’s what you get for playing nice, Toby.

8.  Veronica Mars – “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner”

WTF Moment: Veronica and Duncan find Grace locked in a closet, Lamb actually sides with Veronica.

Why My Mind Was Blown:  There’s a lot going on here.  On the surface level, we find out that everything Meg was saying about herself, she was really saying about her little sister.  It then becomes evident that this “perfect family” abuses their daughters.  And on top of that, Lamb makes like he’s going to arrest Veronica and Logan, but really lets them go and goes back for Grace’s father.  You have to be immersed in the series to really understand any of this, obviously.  But if you are, hearing “Run” by Air will send chills down your back.

9.  Deadwood – “Here Was A Man”

WTF Moment:  Jack McCall pops Bill Hickok in the head at a poker table.

Why My Mind Was Blown: Because Bill Hickok was supposed to be a major character, right?  And he gets killed four episodes in?  I guess this isn’t surprising if you’re a history buff.  But how was I supposed to know that Jack McCall killed Bill Hickok?  It comes out of nowhere.  And the bastard gets away with it!

10.  Damages – “I Hate These People”

WTF Moment: Ray Fiske swallows a pistol.

Why My Mind Was Blown: It was really unexpected.  Patty’s blackmail ultimatum was tough, but did you really expect Ray to off himself?  Obviously Patty didn’t.  Especially in her office.


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