so…what the hell was that at the MTV movies awards?

(Have feeling that video will be down soon, so here’s a higher quality link, with article and video on left.)

So what do you think, was this all planned?  Was Eminem in on it, in a Joaquin Phoenix-esque performance?  Was this Sacha Baron Cohen’s way of promoting Bruno by embarrassing a famously homophobic Eminem?  Etc etc.

I think we can safely assume the wires getting tangled wasn’t an accident.  Pure chance wouldn’t have him fall head-first into Eminem’s lap.  He had to have rigged the whole thing so his ballsack would end up squarely on Em’s chin.  Then hilarity ensues as half of Marshall’s entourage laughs and the other half angrily shoves Cohen around (while Cohen just eats up the scenery.)  Favorite part is when one of Em’s guys shoves Bruno back in the crowd after they finally manage to get him out.  Not a very helpful move!

If Eminem was seriously not in on it, I’ve definitely lost some respect.  Nobody wants Bruno’s sack on their face, but you’ve got to take it in stride.  He just had his entourage bully the comedian around and them storm off like a little girl.  Man up, dude.  Cohen’s a funny guy.  It’s all good-natured.  Yeah, he might have taken it to the extreme, but that’s your reaction, to storm off like a two-year-old who came up empty at the toy store?  Please.  Grow a pair.


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