enough with the penis!

It’s just not that funny anymore.

I’m not really sure where it started, but somewhere along the line – specifically in the Apatow crowd – it became a staple to start putting male nudity into movies.  After two years, I no longer laugh.

(And listen, I’ll get this out of the way earlier: I get why.  It’s not just shock value, it’s a response to our conditioning of seeing female nudity and some sort of double standard in regards to our acceptance of female nudity over male nudity.  In a way, it’s some sort of equality movement.  Except let’s not pretend that’s the primary motive: it’s supposed to resonated with the ‘WTF’ area of the brain.  I’m just arguing that it doesn’t anymore.)

The first movie I can remember really playing this up for shock value was Walk Hard.  And then of course was Jason Segel’s naked breakup in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  This year alone, we’ve had something like five continuous minutes of ball-bouncing in Observe and Report and, this past weekend, a pissing Zack Galifiniakis, a nude Asian criminal and a couple BJ photos in The Hangover.  The shock value isn’t there anymore.  The comedy value isn’t there anymore.  And this isn’t some sexist double standard…it’s just become an unnecessary inclusion in a movie that is painfully pandering to the “OMG there’s a dick” crowd and just not getting the laughs anymore.

(Side note: not that the audience has any sort of penile preference I’m guessing, but why is everyone who chooses to flash their junk for the film’s sake hung like a field mouse?  Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?  I guess these guys are just clearly already six miles into IDGAF territory.)

I’ll leave it at this: step up your comedy, son!  All the visual dick gags (…) just waste time where Paul Rudd could be giving more surf instructions or Zack Galifianakis could be making more ridiculous observations.  The penis joke has worn its stay.  Get back to the writing part of this thing.


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  1. I agree. They are shoving penis’s places where they don’t belong.

    And I thought I’d never ever have to say that.

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