one of my favorite books becomes a movie.

I am very unsure how to feel about The Road in cinematic form.

That trailer is fairly garbage.  I don’t think that’s an inaccurate assessment.  But trailers are often cut/edited in a way such as to present them as “most marketable” to the largest audience.  So I’m not completely surprised that we got the trailer we did.

(Though Cormac McCarthy’s last book to be adapted to the big screen – No Country For Old Men – actually had a pretty bad-ass trailer.)

Anyway, I don’t even know how this book could be made into a movie.  I’d say roughly 90-95 percent of the book follows a nameless father and son as they journey south to escape the winter in post-apocalyptic America.  Every other character (which apparently drew the likes of Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron and Robert Duvall) has a handful of lines in the book.  And that’s it.  Not to mention the fact that – outside of flashback form – they don’t really do anything.  I’d have to assume that, from that knowledge, the movie will veer outside the plot of the book and do more to include these folks.  Not sure if I’m excited to see that or not.

Then the fact remains that it’s just difficult to make a movie about this book in the first place.  Even if you don’t consider the fact that so much of the book revolves around two characters simply walking and scavaging, so much of the (relatively short) novel relied on dulled, grayscale visuals.  Ashen landscapes and such.  Judging from the trailer, that color palette is not present whatsoever.  In the book, not only was that palette used almost exclusively, but the dialogue itself mirrored the bleakness and emptiness of the environment containing it.  If the movie does that, I would think the audience would be bored out of their minds.

So – weird book to choose to turn into a film.  But the studio execs are probably banking on some coat-tail action after the success of ‘No Country’, which still remains one of the more disappointing movies I’ve ever seen (remind me from now on to only watch the first two-thirds.)

Anyway, as per this site…sorry no music updates lately.  I pretty much get home after work every day, pass out for a couple hours, eat dinner, watch some TV and go to bed.  Love the job but the M-F schedule is draining.  Then consider the extracurriculars on the weekends and – godforbid – my computer time is cut down quite a bit.  Though I did manage to write another two chapters for my novel.  80,000+ words now, I feel like I hit some sort of milestone.  I’d imagine it’s about two-thirds complete.  I’m hoping I don’t go the ‘No Country’ route with the last third.


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