ben cooper (pre-radical face/electric prez.)

I love this little excerpt I just now noticed on Ben Cooper’s Radical Face blog:

And I off and on have people ask me how to play certain songs on guitar. But since I write everything down in this little shorthand that helps no one but me (I’ve never learned to write music properly), it’s always tough for me to explain just how to play everything. I’ve never used tabs either. So I filmed a couple quick videos on how to play the ones I get the most questions for, and once I figure out how to edit them down properly, I’ll upload them here. Hopefully within the next couple of days. Stay tuned for that, if you’re interested.

You’re kidding me this guy has never learned to write music properly!

Anyway, the following tracks entertain me.  I love how Ben Cooper just dicking around with bargain bin sequencing programs and broken mixers is still better than half the crap out there today.  Though given the absolute lack of talent out there currently, that’s not too surprising.

(I should note that, if you have no idea who the hell I’m talking about, Cooper is half of Electric President – which I wrote a spotlight on – and all of Radical Face, which I’ll feature a little later as his next album comes together.)

And as for Cooper’s discarded circa 2002 tracks while he was just experimenting with all his sound design, listen to these:

Ben Cooper – Cinnamon
Ben Cooper – Voyage of the Mimi

(And obviously this sound eventually graduates to Radical Face/Electric President, with much better mastering and audio technology in general.)

Also, a special mention goes to a zombie anthem performed by Ben Cooper and Corey Loop back in 2002, when they were known as Unkle Stiltskin.  According to Cooper, this unreleased track is from an album called “The Title of this Album is Unimportant Because We Don’t Exist Anymore, You Fucking Idiot.”  I have no idea what’s with the random fades but when I make my zombie epic (post-literary success, of course), it will feature this song in the bad-ass opening credits sequence.

Unkle Stiltskin – Undead Anthem

Anything with zombies is pretty much the best thing ever.


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