all saints day: whoopty-friggin’-doo.

I have no idea whether or not Jennifer’s Body is a quality movie or not (guessing not), but…DAMN!

Anyway, the big movie news this week was that the Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day trailer was finally released.  And I’m undecided as to what to think about it.

First, I’m not one to think the original was the be-all-end-all of anything.  It was alright.  Entertaining.  Funny.  Cool in parts.  But overall the story was pretty disjointed and cliche, and most of it just felt like an excuse to stylize gunplay – not necessarily a bad thing, just not a ticket to epic status.  I guarantee I saw it before any of you, and I was just never that wowed…entertained but not wowed.  And then about a year later it elevated to cult status and everyone went around claiming it was the coolest movie ever.  Okay.

As someone apathetic toward the idea of a sequel, I have to say that the trailer looked really second-rate considering the audience.  It should have been edited much better than it was.  Just looks like a direct-to-video release the way it’s put together now.  But I realize it returns all surviving cast members from the original, so it’s not just thrown together.  And choosing Clif Collins is always a good move, that dude steals scenes in whatever films he chooses to grace with his presence (thinking specifically of The Rules of Attraction and The Last Castle) and will be a great replacement for Rocco.

So I don’t really care that the movie is getting made, but I’ll probably see it anyway out of curiosity.  I hope it’s more original and utilizes its potential more than the original, but I’m not expecting much.



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2 responses to “all saints day: whoopty-friggin’-doo.

  1. TOMAS


    • marc

      haha nice. does listening to sublime make you a “fagot” now? what do you listen to Tomas, the chemical brothers? haha gtfoh please keep reading

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