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walking the amazon.

Walking the Amazon website – Ed Stafford’s blog
Walking the Amazon Twitter – Ed & Cho’s tweets
“Must like snakes…” – UK Guardian article on Ed’s journey

I don’t really want to bother with the backstory, I trust you have the capacity to flesh out the details for yourself given the links posted above.

But I do want to talk about what Ed Stafford is doing.  To me, there is something incredibly profound about this quest.  Something exciting, exhilarating-by-proxy.  I wasn’t sure what it was at first, what so interested me in Stafford’s great adventure.  The more I read his blog updates – I’ve been glued to this for a few months now – and checked out some of the pictures and videos he has posted, it hit me…

It’s the synthesis of bare-bones backpacking and the iGeneration.  The intersection of the primitive and the progressive.  The concept that these opposing ends of the technological spectrum can not just simply co-exist, but fuse together in such a way that through our laptops and our iPhones, we can journey with Stafford and see parts of the world we could otherwise never dream of seeing.

That idea fascinates me.  Here is Stafford, starved and straining every muscle in his body to hack through razorgrass and drag his swollen feet through miles of floodwater and marsh, offering updates through a solar-powered laptop.  Placing calls via satellite phone.  Offering the world to us, provided he’s found an opening in the Amazon canopy.  So while we can marvel at this contemporary man-versus-wild story playing out in blogged or tweeted chapters, we can marvel at this story because of the technology that would seem so diametrically-opposed to the world which our hero inhabits.  Thing is, though, the more involved we become in his journey, the more vicarious it becomes…the more we realize that perhaps there is a cohesion of iPods and machetes, jungle rafts and laptops.

Beyond that thought, it’s just an incredible story.  Something about it makes you feel so inferior in terms of your own life story.  I have cousins who have stood on the Great Wall and scaled Welsh castles, friends who have been arrested in foreign countries…and I’ve never been west of St. Louis.  My New York story was bracing myself against the bitter chill of an Atlantic wind on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, seeking refuge in the sea of plastic green statues and Times Square-centered postcards in the gift shop adjacent.  My Great Wall sat in the back of Climb Time.  And the closest I’ve ever come to razorgrass was an unfortunate detour through a field of stinging nettle on a Brown County mountain biking trip, ticks more menace than pit vipers.

Reading Stafford’s story, you tend to ask – could YOU do it?  Conquer the wild?  Achieve this great sense of spiritual accomplishment, this sense that you’ve passed through the jaws of the uncaring natural world and emerged stronger for it?  I don’t know.  Personally, I tend to doubt it.  I hate spiders.  I’m allergic to mosquitoes.  The longest hike I’ve ever participated in only claimed three or four hours of my life.  Yet every time I check Stafford’s site, I feel inspired to…I don’t know…DO something?  If nothing else, to claim I did.

But then I remember that I can blog from the comfort of a black leather couch, too.


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when someone great is gone


original video
amazing cello/loopbox cover
kid cudder freestyle “can i be”

salty they credited the cudi freestyle production to ryan leslie. but he knows how to pick songs to rap over. and in the official music video they increased the tempo a little bit, leading me to love it less, but all in all what an awesome song.

i could listen to this every morning. +1 for poignant lyrics

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Hershel Walker’s MMA debut


YouTube – Raw Video: Herschel Walker Wins MMA Debut.

probably one of the greatest athletes ever. his exercise regiment is well documented. one meal a day and strictly bodyweight exercises (dips, pullups, pushups etc) and now at 47 fighting MMA

inspirational, unbelievable etc.

dude is a SPECIMEN

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let 18 bomb ’em.

As readers may know, the Indianapolis Colts are the best football team in the National Football League.

They also probably know that, one week from today, the Colts will play for their second Super Bowl championship in four years.  I guess there’s a Pro Bowl today too, but I’ll be on the road.  And even if I wasn’t, I’d be doing something more interesting.  Like sleeping.

But how does this tie in to MJF?  Well, because the Colts kick ass, so if I want to write about them, dammit, I will.  Beyond that, though, this second trip to a Miami Super Bowl has revealed an incredible phenomenon.  You see, every time the Colts go to the Super Bowl, a number of Indianapolis artists/bands come out with a litany of Colts anthems.  I’ve already mentioned one of them, and now that a few more have leaked, I feel obliged to comment.  Probably not with the same delicacy Marc did when professing his love for Addison Park, though.

God bless Indianapolis.  Jump it.

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holy ungodly awful batman!

addison park
the “band” addison park, openening act for Mike Posner

[DISCLAIMER: friends of friends of friends may or may not be in the band. i’ve already twice without this knowledge given people my honest opinion about the group, so protected by the magical interweb i’m not going to sugarcoat it. i can see how some people may like this kind of music…i would judge these people obviously. i mean, i’m not going to lie i have some Daphne Loves Derby on the iPod, but i’m not going to book them to open up for Brother Ali]

that being italicized, it should also be noted that MJF contributor stuart bentley mcwhirter is a member of 2 (TWO) bands that are more listenable. the fresh boy all-stars and keeping tabs. and i’ve probably recorded better songs on the T-Pain iphone app that I don’t even remember than “Bay Area Blues”

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nominees for the junkies.

(This is still one of my favorite pictures on the internet.)

Well, people, I’m stuck in a hotel room.  And were it not for wireless internet, I would be quite bored.  But thanks to technology, even hourly-rate motels that reek of amphetamines now boast wireless internet.

So in the spirit of Oscar season, I’m starting Junkfood’s own damn award ceremony.  What’s it called?  What else would it be called?  The Junkies.

(See what I did there?  Yeah?  Great.  We can move on now.)

Kinda missed the year-end cap, so I won’t speak to music or books or whatever.  But the movie season doesn’t really end until the Academy Awards roll around, so I can still submit my nominations for all things film-related.  Wanna see what they are?  Future tense the damn jump, sucka!

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LA hip hop is Back

california looooooove

dom kennedy future street drug sounds
dom is that dude. get familiar

blu is the next avant garde up-and-comer from the best coast. his “below the heavens” with exile on the boards is a modern-day underground classic. he frequently puts out instrumental/artsy projects with song titles that have the space bar broken. LA’s answer to Jay Electronica. smarten up

nosaj thing

nosaj thing is the next big producer, who i’ve already touted on here before. his beats are SICK. he came out of nowhere and is wrecking the remix scene, making your favorite song better. his debut DRIFT is a must hear instrumental LP. his solo production speaks for itself and has already been used on CSI and in nissan commercials. he’s about to blow up in the 010


nocando, whose debut album Jimmy the Lock just dropped this week, is a resident at LA’s Low End Theory. a renowned battle rapper, with his debut he’s proved he can make songs too. boasting Nosaj Thing, Nobody and Daedelus on the switches and with scratches by Gaslamp Killer, Jimmy the Lock knocks in the trunk and the lyrics are hard like 2 day old shit. look out for Nocando – he’s a beast he’s a dog he’s a motherfucking Problem


LA collective released mix tape Cury Tops and Nautica Jackets, featuring many people mentioned above and other big LA acts like Pac Div, J. Davey and U-N-I. the mixtape is a nostalgic look into the last time LA was on top and a hopeful look forward to all the talent that’s gonna be running it in the future

diz gibran

i bumped Diz’s “Soon You’ll Understand” last year so hard. dude really knows how to put together a record. his ear for beats is unparalleled and his flow will have you thinking a kid from New York hitch hiked to Watts freestyling on everyone’s beats the whole trip. look out for him

the future of hip hop is bright, especially on the West West

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