nap on the map.

Back on the scene.  Gave up trying to sleep.  Colts in AFC Championship game tomorrow, get hyped!

Speaking of the Colts, Indy-area alternative rap group the Mudkids put out some sort of Colts anthem today.  I’d link it, but it’s pretty lame.  Not nearly as lame as the abortion of an anthem Prince put out for the Vikings, which plays like the Lollipop Guild church choir, but it was still pretty bad.

(EDIT: Mudkids replied with the link to the track and encourage you to listen and give your opinion.  I’m not about expecting you to blindly agree with my taste in music, so queue it up and leave a comment telling us/them what you think.)

After a bit of discussion with some folks, it occurred to me that Indianapolis isn’t really a viable music scene.  At least not yet.  You have your few exceptions, Margot & The Nuclear So-Sos being the most obvious example, but for the most part nobody really sticks out.  And when somebody tries to stick out, it’s usually pretty bad.

So I found it interesting that, in Metromix’s 2009 close-out, they named Indy-area rapper/producer/entrepreneur G-Fresh (AKA Getta Fresh) as one of the 50 most (culturally) influential Indianapolis citizens in ’09.  This happened to coincide with HOT 96.3 playing G-Fresh’s hit single “On My Momma” approximately every 15 minutes, declaring it the track that could potentially put Indy on the map.  I know this started in November and has been going strong ever since.

(If you have no clue what this track is or don’t live in the Indy area, here’s the music video off YT, or the MTV cut of the same thing.)

I’ll say this: it’s at least palatable.  That’s a first for the Indy rap scene.  Overwrought with stereotypical hood overtures – crackhouse, smashhouse, blah – but you hear it so many times and your brain just kinda goes numb to those things.  In other words, every fiber of my image-conscious being tells me that I should walk away.  But…I kinda like it?  I’m sorry.

That’s not the point though.  The point is that I’m glad that at least someone is trying.  Check my tracking of the (recent) Indy rap scene after the jump and see why we should all feel better about G-Fresh’s contributions.

First, it’s important to note that G-Fresh is (probably) mostly concerned with his role as a producer.  He founded MunkiBoi Entertainment and has, in a very short window of time, united several Indy rappers under the same roof and made a concerted effort to produce high-quality material for them.  Okay, the end result on some of the tracks/videos is rough, but it’s a start.

I mean, you’ve gotta consider, in Indy…you’re starting from the ground up.  For example, check out this video I only ever saw because Don of Don’s Guns fame made a cameo (which is great, I really think Don should appear in more rap videos.)  This is “Mr. Indianapolis” by Keiser B.

Turn it off after twenty seconds?  Yeah.  I thought so.  Those production values are beyond shit, obviously.  Doesn’t help that the track is, too.  But you see what I’m getting at, this is essentially what Indianapolis is starting with in terms of the rap scene.

Now, again, I’m not necessarily saying the music is great, but at least G-Fresh is trying with MunkiBoi.  I don’t know that he’ll ever build an empire, in fact I doubt it.  I’m not thinking that far ahead, though.  I’m just thinking it’s nice to be able to contrast the production values on the following video with the previous one.  This is Riddles’ (of MunkiBoi Entertainment) “Tonight.”

So I mean, even if the lyrical quality isn’t quite there, the production values are.  That’s what encourages me.  Someone finally stepped their game up, and it’s actually paying off for them: people know G-Fresh and MunkiBoi in Indy now.  They’re not just faceless rappers on a crowded, shitty scene.  They stand out, even if that’s not really difficult to do in Indy.

Again, I’m not saying anyone associated with MunkiBoi is a phenomenal talent.  I think a lot of their YT uploads prove this.  Those fake trailers or whatever are so bad, they’re funny.  Really, check them out for a good time.  But I don’t care about that.  I do care that somebody finally had enough pride to form their own production company and handle things professionally, as opposed to all those other grainy no-name videos out there that look like they were shot on a camera bagged from a pawn shop.

MunkiBoi legitimately has some things going in its favor right now, and I really hope it succeeds under the direction of G-Fresh.  Plus it has a bad-ass logo and I would definitely pay for a MunkiBoi shirt just to wear it around.

As a bonus, and so as to totally contradict everything positive I’ve said about MunkiBoi, here’s an absolutely garbage video whose hook absolutely cracks my shit up.  Seriously, if you can survive the first eight seconds without laughing, you have no soul.  This is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard, but I love the chorus just because the childrens’ voices are so overly exaggerated and anything that turns a cartoon/television jingle into a track about lo-los is a winner in my book.  Here’s “Big Kid” by GoldE Patron.

WOW!  Haha.  So ridiculous and bad.  But that hook always makes me feel better!

Stay tuned, you Sublime-loving faggots!  I’ll eventually put up some audio that doesn’t require quality disclaimers or conditional descriptions.



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4 responses to “nap on the map.

  1. Thanks for the love! Here’s the link so people can formulate their own opinion. –

    • marc

      i gave it a shot in the spirit of democracy, despite the bad word of mouth. and i will say the production values are on point etc. but i didn’t listen to it all the way through. the gimmick athletic anthems are always whatever to me, though i fuck with Jock Jams no pun intended. i’m not really checking for Indiana on the hip-hop map really. if anything, Rhymefest and Freddie Gibbs but the scene is so soft that they don’t really even rep the Hoosier State.

      keep doing your thing, big ups. keep reading the blog. just know you gotta get fronted on by mostly junkfood before you get dissed by pitchfork. that’s when you’re hood rich not blogspot filthy

  2. Collin

    Word. I’ll update the post with the link.

    Just a personal opinion. Heard it off a Colts forum where everyone else had the same opinion. Like Elzhi says, keep on. I’m really not about hating when I don’t have to. I want the Naptown music scene to succeed. Put out something I dig, I’ll be the first to post it up here and make sure everybody gets familiar. But I would hope that’s not really your main concern.

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