ready or not.

What’s up, you Sublime-listening faggots?

We decided to bring this back from the dead like putting the paddles to Jim Caviezel.  Why?  WHY NOT?  I don’t really feel the need to apologize for not updating.  Let’s be real here: you’re looking at a blog that gets 98 percent of its hits off Megan Fox pics, posts Tickle Hands Elmo vids and tries to keep you up on music/movies/pop culture you should be aware of.  Do you think the kind of people who run that blog are in any way reliable, consistent or dedicated in the digital sense?  Didn’t think so.

So fact is, when we’re around, we’ll post.  When we’re not, a tree falls in the forest anyway, right?  That made sense to me.  Kinda nice that I’ve got a course this semester that mandates creating/maintaining a blog anyway, so I’ll already be in the habit.

Anyway, I’ve been commandeering the stereo system for most of the night tonight.  Lots of loud stuff.  I want to discuss distortion rock later when I have more consciousness.  But for now, I’ll just share one of the things I’ve been bumping on rotation over the past few hours.

Wolfgang Gartner – “Ready or Not” (Fugees vs. Gartner bootleg)

I guess it starts out like most electro-house tracks I’ve heard, but it goes hard over the past two minutes especially.  I mean…damn.  I’m all about blips and bleeps, so it works well for me.

Alright.  ‘Bout to cap a chapter in the novel and call it a night.  Peace out, you Sublime-loving faggots!


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