justin bieber’s pants on the ground.

What a blatant attempt at generating pageviews.  I’ve just reeled 86 percent of computer-literate fangirls and 62 percent of online sex predators in to the world of Junkfood.  Maybe they can mingle.  Meet up at a public park or something.  Just sayin’.

But I didn’t lie.  That really is JBeebz’ cover of “Pants on the Ground.”

I don’t know what the more interesting pop culture phenomenon is between the two, but it was only a matter of time before they were combined.  People might wonder why I’m essentially repping JB here.  And I’m repping him because he has achieved the American dream through means of auto-tune.  Auto-tune makes JB possible.  Usher might have a role as well.

Had auto-tune been around when I was 14 going on 12, I definitely would have taken advantage of its possibilities.  But when I was that age, all I really wanted to do was throw rocks at peoples’ houses and stay up for late-night pay channel programming.



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2 responses to “justin bieber’s pants on the ground.

  1. marc

    no Pedo on this title. freaks – freaks unite

  2. OMG!!! I hope i get to win this Valentine date with Justin!!!! there is a contest with Q102 @


    u get flowers from and 1800-flowers tooo!!!! that would be sooo cool i love u JUSTIN <3!!!!

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