loud noises.

So the Bieber post doubled the pageviews, but I’m still somewhat disappointed.  Only doubled?  I would have figured we would be talking advertising rev by this point nearly 24 hours later.  Apparently I should have been more explicit in my attempts to erroneously lure the dumb and depraved to this site.  Titled it “Justin Bieber nude pics” or something I dunno.  Maybe not.  I’m really not looking to beef with the FBI.  I’ve already got Mudkids on my plate.  The FBI would just be overkill.

(Oh, and yeah MPH, no pedo.)

Enough with the Bieber though.  This post is about a track that has unofficially become my new “Sleepyhead.”  You see, last April, I couldn’t go three hours without playing Passion Pit’s amazing, unabashedly noisy ode to shirking all responsibilities in order to waste the day away wit yo girl’fran.  Or boyfriend.  Or mail-order bride.  No judgments here.

I crushed on “Sleepyhead” because it was different.  It was all over the place.  It wasn’t necessarily melodic.  It had synths that opened the sky and made me briefly forget that my arms were beet-red and peeling due to unprotected day-drinking.  Everything about that track made my head explode into fun-sized pieces of candy.  And not, like, Smartees or that lame chalky stuff that old people mistake for candy because they’re still stuck in a Depression-era mindset.  REAL CANDY!  Milky Way real.

Of course, like all good things (including Architecture in Helsinki’s “Fumble”…WTF never would have guessed that one), the song got whored out to the world of television commercials.  And while it’s still pretty cool, it’s forever tainted by the knowledge that someone just associates it with digital cameras.  Or whatever.

Well, enter my new “Sleepyhead.”  It only took nine months.  Apparently the gestation period for good music is the same as human birthing.  Who knew?

(to clarify: “Infinity Guitars” is my new “Sleepyhead” but I threw the other track on there ‘cuz it’s pretty neat too.)

Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars
Sleigh Bells – Holly

Where to begin?  The insanely cool guitar riff loops?  The dollar store DJ grimy feel provided by producer Derek Miller?  The awesome abstractness of lead singer Alexis Krauss’ post-punk lyrics?  Pitchfork labeled Sleigh Bells as a group to watch, and they’re absolutely right.  I’m somewhat torn on the prospects of them finding any form of financial success, though.  Don’t get me wrong, if you like a band, you should want them to succeed.  But their dollar store operation is perfect as-is.  Okay, maybe some people aren’t into distortion rock (and to answer your question: no, it’s not your speakers, it’s intentional.)  That’s fine.  But I love the fact that their live shows are backed by an iPod.  There’s something remarkably authentic about this duo.  It’s also awesome that Krauss is a fifth-grade teacher.  The secret lives of fifth-grade teachers!  Awesome reality show in the making.  Long division by day, rocking out by night.

Also, I don’t feel like I listen to nearly enough bands/artists that feature females are lead vocalists.  I don’t know if that’s my personal taste, the fact that female vocalists are widely de-emphasized across most genres of music or just the idea that there aren’t a great number of female vocalists in the genres of music I enjoy.  So it’s neat to run across something that allows for that.

If you made it this far and are cool with lo-fi or what I’m terming “distortion rock”, there’s a bonus track after the jump.  Find out what!  Or don’t.

I’d be remiss if I just left the recent lo-fi/distortion rock conversation at Sleigh Bells.  If you ignore the fact that a music video was ever produced for this song, it can grow on you in a 3am stereo session, too:

Wavves – No Hope Kids

Seriously, I realize I just tempted you to YT the video, but don’t do it if you ever want to enjoy this track for what it is: a stupidly simple synthesis of noise by a 20something stoner.  It occurs to me every time I listen to this that I really shouldn’t like it as much as I do.  But it’s noisy and sloppy and I like that.  It clearly has a place on my IDGAF playlist.

Now, unlike Sleigh Bells, I don’t dig the entirety of what Wavves has to offer.  Probably not even the majority.  But in terms of just listening to uncomplicated lo-fi that doesn’t strive to be anything more than it is, I can dig a handful of their songs.


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