the dude from City High was on A&E’s Intervention

city high

click the picture for the video of the song you know them for

his drug of choice btw alcohol. at one point in the episode he beautifully played “a song for you” by donny hathaway on the piano and his voice is still on point. he’s got no business drinking Steel Reserve that shit is grrrrosssssss son

[mild spoilers]

he was dating Claudette the hot girl in the group until she left him for the other guy in the group. the group split and he moved in with his parents again. but candy finnigan, that minx, convinced him to seek treatment – in MALIBU where else and he’s been sober since October. watching him drunk viewing his youtube video was funny and now all the comments are about the episode. twitter is aflutter and you know the Junkfood is on it, Intervention is one of my favorite shows. Jeff Van Vonderen would have been a better choice…

another aside: he took a ginormous pull from a vodka bottle and goes “mmmm There’s the flavor!” adopting this saying for my own alcoholism. college


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