mad flow lazy super fun micwreck wednesday.

(These Miami/NY street signs are awesome.  Check them out!)

Well, I was thinking about posting something substantive.  But substantive requires effort.  I spent about seven hours total in class today.  I was up until 5am last night reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (so sue me — those doodle notebooks could have come straight from my junior high backpack…in fact, I’m pretty sure the author stole my life and added imaginary siblings for his story.)  In other words, I’m not really feeling productive.

So that means it’s time for a mad flow lazy super fun micwreck Wednesday.  And you’re lucky.  I’m going to throw some entertaining video clips your way, related to that theme.  I spared you Gred Odenporn.  Seriously.  The Huffington Post does not lie.

Super fun micwreck videos after the jump!

My favorite video on the internet, all-time, has to be this ill mash-up of Lazytown and Lil’ Jon.  As far as I can figure out, Lazytown is some whacked-out technicolor acid trip of a Nickelodeon show.  Believe me, I was raised on Reptar, but Nickelodeon shows used to have some basic plotline or at least adhere to some basic formal standards of television programming.  These days?  I remember watching a cartoon with my little cousin when I was a freshman in college, and holy hell did that network go to cracked-out Japanese people or what?  So Lazytown kinda follows that trend, I think, and begs for shrooms and/or Lil’ Jon.  I’ll provide you one, the other is up to you.

(Please note, specifically, 1:07 of the video, the look on the chick’s face following what Lil’ Jon says.  Comedy gold!)

Next up is this ridiculous ass pro-senior health rap I found on Everything is Terrible.  I’m lovin’ the beat on this.  Pretty sure someone just plucked a retarded kid out of a third-grade music class and had him bang on a door with a mallet for the duration.  But in the 90s, this kinda shit was totally commonplace.  Everyone had some kind of pro-something rap.  And then promptly killed themselves when the video re-surfaced on YT a decade later.  I really could include anything from EiT’s hip-hop collection (which is must-see material if you’ve got a hard-on for godawful 90s hip-hop…Christ, I miss the 90s!) but I went with this ‘cuz it did the least damage to least amount of races.

Continuing on the 90s binge, how about a little Rock-A-Fire Explosion?  Remember them?  If you ever had the misfortune of attending a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese’s, you’d damn well better.  Rock-A-Fire is that quasi-functional mechanical animal band that took the front stage at the pizzeria.  Personally, I thought Rock-A-Fire was terrifying.  The cheerleader mouse was always looking right at me…no, through me.  Into my soul.  And all she had were bad intentions.  THAT SAID, when Chuck-E-Cheese folded, they gave all this shit back to the guy who originally invented the whole process behind Rock-A-Fire, and he decided instead of letting them sit around collecting dust in his garage, he’d re-program them to perform modern songs.  The end result is so nice, I actually like “Pop, Lock and Drop It” now because I specifically think of this video.  It completely transformed my opinion of Huey.

And finally, because I don’t want to just stick you shit you’d just as soon forget, here’s something both hilarious and incredible.  Take Allen Iverson, Jim Mora, Joe Namath, Terrell Owens, Dennis Green and Mike Gundy, extract clips from their press conferences, get DJ Steve Porter in the booth, and the end result is something that sounds so much better than it has any right to be.

Tomorrow should feature my favorite acoustic beatbox-backed Swedish pop band track.  But you probably already know what it is from that description, don’t you?


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