Nah Right » Little Brother To Release Leftback on April 20th

Nah Right » Little Brother To Release Leftback on April 20th.

No 9th beats on this last effort.  It’s kind of sad to me that the LB is coming to an end, having fallen in love with their first effort The Listening when I first heard it in 2003, which seems way long ago in retrospect.  It’s a bonafide classic.  I was amazed that this guy 9th Wonder made all those beats on a computer program chopping samples and these guys were normal dudes I could relate to who posted on the same message board as I did and spit real lyrics.  It was just so refreshing at that time.  I’ll probably zip and upload the whole record to everyone’s benefit soon.  It’s that good.  It should occupy your hard drive if not your record player/tape deck.

That being said, Phonte should release some really good solo material in the coming years.  Maybe his niche can be like a Black on Both Sides era Mos Def before he started acting and (frankly) not being all that good or interesting musically.  Big Pooh is no slouch either

and free Median!

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