the fitness situation

the situation

a lot of people ask me, Marc, what do you listen to in the gym to help you get so jacked and tan?? i like to bump 90s grunge, hip hop and especially love dj mixes of all these genres. these multipurpose dj mixes are usually released free online and they’re great to get drunk to or to work out/run to

here’s volume 3 of the Super 7 series. music speaks for itself. crank this on your treadmill and set the incline
Super 7 Volume 3

with everyone wanting to be their best for spring break/the new year, I’ve compiled more work out advice after the jump (i’ve always wanted to say and try that phrase)

1. don’t rock the gallon water jug or lifting gloves in the gym. you look like a d bag
2. switch up the cardio don’t just run laps. there’s the row machine, stair stepper…you could do box jumps
3. don’t focus so much on supplements like protein and creatine. you’re all bloated and puffy. get your diet right. 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day to keep the metabolism/energy up
4. write down what you’re doing. you want to make gains not do the same stuff every time
5. try to switch up your routine every 4 weeks or so. they call this muscle confusion
6. have fun and try to get in and out in 45 minutes. no standing around or flirting
7. it’s essential to rest your muscles enough so they can repair and grow. don’t lift every day and take it easy
8. have a good diet but cheat once a week or so. that tasty mcsnack wrap or pick your poison
9. don’t smoke pot before night time. the governator got stoned after workouts and there can be benefits of the increased blood flow in the catabolic state (or something like that), but if you don’t smoke until later you’ll be way more productive and enjoy this time more
10. don’t ignore your leg muscles. really only guys do this, ladies love the pelvis/leg muscle workouts. just don’t be that dude with the skinny twigs. compound muscle exercises like squats and deadlifts can benefit your allover physique



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