let 18 bomb ’em.

As readers may know, the Indianapolis Colts are the best football team in the National Football League.

They also probably know that, one week from today, the Colts will play for their second Super Bowl championship in four years.  I guess there’s a Pro Bowl today too, but I’ll be on the road.  And even if I wasn’t, I’d be doing something more interesting.  Like sleeping.

But how does this tie in to MJF?  Well, because the Colts kick ass, so if I want to write about them, dammit, I will.  Beyond that, though, this second trip to a Miami Super Bowl has revealed an incredible phenomenon.  You see, every time the Colts go to the Super Bowl, a number of Indianapolis artists/bands come out with a litany of Colts anthems.  I’ve already mentioned one of them, and now that a few more have leaked, I feel obliged to comment.  Probably not with the same delicacy Marc did when professing his love for Addison Park, though.

God bless Indianapolis.  Jump it.

G-Fresh is back on the scene after getting a previous mention on this very blog.  I noticed that people stumbling across MJF had been searching for a “G-Fresh On My Momma colts remix.”  So, naturally, I had to look this up.  Too good to be true, right?

You wish.

“On My Momma” is actually one of my guilty pleasure tracks, if nothing else because it was damn near installed in my brain over winter break.  But something – or a lot of things – about this version doesn’t click.  Getta Fresh’s verse just sounded like he kept forgetting what he was supposed to say.  Unless awkward pauses are the new Jeezy “ay”s or “aha”s, I just wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be listening for.  I’m not going to write anything elaborate here because Marc pretty much used up all the world’s supply of hate for his last entry, but…

Anyway, more anthems.

This one (“Scream Ya Necks Off” by Living Proof) was filmed at Kilroy’s downtown:

Yeah…uh…I’m sorry.  I truly am.  You will not get that time back.  Ever.

Staying with that band…everyone deserves a second chance.  Right?  Right?

Jesus tapdancin’ Christ, the Colts’ fanbase is white.  You ever notice that?  I guess it’s funny because it’s a commonly-known fact that the biggest Colts fan is a black man.  But damn, Lucas Oil is full of crackers.

But as you can see by the inclusion of G-Fresh, not all anthems are done up by whitey.  Proof positive is DJ Tango and L.O.C.  Loook at this.  God, I love the text on this video!

Okay, okay.  I’m losing you by now, surely.  So I’ll leave you with one last one.  It was produced for Super Bowl 41 between the Colts and Bears, so it’s not quite as timely.  It is, however, at least better than everything above.  I’m not sure that says anything at all, unfortunately.

Moral of the story?  Edgerrin Jebediah James, please get yo ass back to Indianapolis and bring Trick Daddy with you!  ASAP!  Everything was better with the Edge.  Now we just get Joe Addai and Boosie, Peyton and Chesney, Curtis Painter and Kidz Bop.

And I’m just not okay with that.

P.S. – Indianapolis, sorry for making you look bad.  You’ll always be my hometown.  Shit music scene and all.


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