FOREVER grammy performance +

drake, lil wayne, eminem & travis barker perform at 010 grammys – special creepy Tarantino introduction

i thought the 60% of this that they aired was last night’s watershed performance. arguably one of the songs/collaborations of the year. damn shame Yeezy wasn’t there (his verse is my favorite of all of them). The Travis Barker refix of the song was one of the better ones, but i’ve got my favorite after the LEAP

Nosaj Thing – Forever Remix
this one is my personal favorite, followed closely by:

Cult Logic Forever (this Hood Internet remix pits drake vs. miike snow)

House Forever (this mashed up with the ubiquitous theme of TV’s “House,” known much less as Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”

Forever (Travis Barker Remix)

i give Marshall a pass for lip syncing his verse. his double-time flow would be hard to pull off live (unless you’re Lebron playing the Lakers)

my highlight of the grammy performance was when they zoomed in on my girl T. Swift trying unsuccessfully to mouth Weezy’s verse. most likely “my mind’s shiny even when my thoughts seem dark, pistol on my side you don’t want to hear that thing talk”

in dedication of Drake’s now famous sleepwalk flow, i’ve come up with a few bars that didn’t make the cut:

  • if i was at the club you know i pumped my fist – GUIDO
    i ate it all and then became full – BURRITO
    if you hurt my feelings i’ll cut my wrists – EMO
    i saw Avatar in 3D and thought it was cool – NEATO
    you know i saw Zenon and wanted more – ZEQUEL
    in the bathroom stall you know i got the dome – PEEPHOLE
    in Arizona golfing in the summer i felt ill – HEATSTROKE
    you know i did a few whippets too many – STEVE-0
    i’ve never felt the warmth of a women – TEBOW
    and you know i was the villain in the X-men – MAGNETO
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    One response to “FOREVER grammy performance +

    1. Collin

      Was wondering what was goin on with the C328 notebook. Double points for Zequel, but if a peephole and a gloryhole are synonymous, I’ve been looking in some pretty dark places.

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