Thank God Charlie’s Back

Well, it happened.

LOST came back in a big fucking way.

Overall, I was impressed with the season premiere. I mean, the whole flashing back and forth between the cast off of the island on the plane and with them on the island was great. ON THE PLANE: Locke’s still handicapped, Kate’s still fucking that US Marshall up on the reg, Sawyer’s still a con-man and not madly in love with Juliet in the ’70s, Jack’s still a goody, goody doc BUT ON THE ISLAND, of course, all of that is nill, everybody’s the same characters we’ve grown to love and hate.

Best question answered last night: What (or who) is The Smoke Monster?

Since the first season, everyone has wondered what the hell the large cloud of smoke that makes machine noises is…well now we have an answer…sort of.

The smoke monster is the man in black who is currently John Locke?

Fuck it, I’ll take it.

Apparently the man in black (Jacob’s nemesis) couldn’t exist in human form on the island, hence him taking the form of a cloud of evil smoke and then when John died, hopping in his body, as well.

(Disclaimer: To all the people not obsessed with LOST, I’m terribly sorry, this is probably nonsense to you, so go out and watch the first five seasons, already.)

Another high point to the episode(view: pic) was the triumphant return of Mostly Junkfood’s favorite heroin addicted rock star: Charlie. He  was back on the plane, choking down his little baggie of heroin, like a true champion. Is it any wonder why he’s my favorite character?

I enjoyed this 2 hour event premiere to the full extent,  especially while I was slamming shots of vodka everytime any character said Island. I only hope that the JJ Abrams crew keeps to their word and answers every last damn question. One of my all-time questions is why the hell was  the character Libby in an insane asylum? They best answer that one.

That’s one of the hundreds of questions to be answered over the next thirteen episodes.

4/4 stars for the first ep back.



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2 responses to “Thank God Charlie’s Back

  1. marc

    “sorry you had to see me like that” (c) smoke monster

    charlie is the man. “you all everybody!”

    stubent – a rising star at mostlythejunkfood

  2. Collin

    Someone explain this to me…why the hell was Desmond on the plane? Didn’t he come over on a sailboat? If the island had never happened, why would he have been on the plane?

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