more on Posner

“a matter of time” – one of my favorite songs of his first mixtape

me and my friends lately have been trying to analyze and discuss how this guy is a celebrity. i dig his music, but i like von pea and tanya morgan too. and no girls i know are trying to have sex with those dudes even though they’re carrying the torch

jump with a g – kriss krossing it

i’m buddies with a guy who is going on Posner’s midwest tour and he’s let me in on some tmz-like details on the pseudo celeb. the following is his Rider demands for all venues he performs at:

  • platter of chicken fingers
  • chamomile tea
  • bottled water
  • one jersey of the university’s basketball team
  • trident tropical twist gum
  • the fact he requests a jersey from each university is a testament to how well he markets himself. his visibility on Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/Dope Couture etc. and his releasing two mixtapes (for free) has certainly contributed to his popularity

    another tmz-like detail i feel i must divulge for the curious/bored is that he banged the President of ZBT’s after performing the concert after party there. hilarious. hearsay tells us that the angry jews chased him out of their house and emptily threatened him with video footage of his “cowardly escape” to which he responded in his trademark scratchy voice “tell him thanks for paying me 3 grand to sing 3 songs and to fuck your girlfriend”

    another attribute of his which could result in his popularity is that he has a great ear for songs/beats. his intro for “one foot out the door” is practically the intro from the XX’s record. indie cred. and the banger “you don’t have to know” owes its music to miami horror



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