Doody Mane

Sadly I have come to terms with my Call of Duty: MW2 addiction. This game is similar to the crack epidemic in the 80’s, its ruining the lives of thousands. I am normally not a big video games fan at all but there is just something special about running around murking people while talking shit to middle age degenerates living in their parents’ basements. Other than my lack of motivation,extreme ADD, and obsession with pot oscar manes (gonna have to work on that list) I blame Call of Duty for my senior year academic mishaps.




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2 responses to “Doody Mane

  1. internetson

    gonna go out on a limb and say you mean call of duty: mw2

  2. marc

    try to write at an 8th grade level and to limit the drunk/on drugs posts about nothing culminating in a big exclamation of EEEEEE you goon haha. I admire your reckless enthusiasm but expect you to channel it in a more productive manner. You’re doing for this blog what Dem Franchise Boyz are doing for the civil rights movement. underDig?

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