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click to visit now (if you have a webcam) to see what the hot fuss is about. no homo Killers reference

chat roulette is a seemingly recent addition to internet boredom traps like FML or MLIA. it’s a lot like NEXT on MTV, a junkfood favorite. you can instantly “Next” someone you don’t want to see/communicate with longer and you’re given a brand new face/phallus. i don’t know why but one out of ten people is a guy stroking his meat. i’m pretty sure saw the JB’s and I don’t mean the Jungle Brothers..

more after the jump

here’s me and Alvar Hanso discussing the Swan Hatch

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this is a picture of me and Elijah Wood. EWood accused me of being on steroids. It could be that my shoulders take up the entire frame and his barely half or the fact that he hasn’t been outside since Everything is Illuminated

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here’s another one of the good friends i made tonight on the internet. you guess the outcome.

and besides restringing an american apparel (GILT NAMEDROP) hooded sweatshirt using a pencil this was the best part of my day



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2 responses to “CHAT ROULETTE

  1. Anna

    first four clicks were dudes jackin it. then i found the jonas bros.

  2. marc

    hahaha the one in the middle looks a little too gay


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