roulettes and dubsteps

actually made some friends on chat roullette just now. they greeted me with a sign that said “weed or nipples” and i knew it was the start of a wonderful friendship. they were some English blokes drinking lager and listening to Satchmo, just cruising for nipples. aren’t we all?? i put them on to the blog and they suggested these two songs (both of which i’ve never heard before and both of which are great):

so here’s to you, UK homeys. thanks for putting me on.

weed and nipples and jazz music for life

haha oh and to my other friend i made today – you’s a fool for this one

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TAKE HER hahahaha i love the internet

shouts to YouTube


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  1. Collin

    Uh, that pre-rendered vid is nothing like the crazy shit I saw: some dude banging a chick standing on a chair, hanging from a rope, that proceeds to kick out the chair and continue to bang her while she suffocates. There is a happy ending (in more ways than one I imagine) when he replaces the chair, but in the interest of retaining what little faith in humanity I have left and not drawing the attention of the FBI, I had to call it a night there.

    Shit was kinda funny though…

    I’m going to hell.

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