this one was too easy


sarah palin got busted calling barack obama a glorified dude with a teleprompter with notes scribbled on her hands. that dirty elephant! the fact that during her campaign she had to be quizzed on the differences between the Cold War and Korean War and WW1/WW2 not unlike a young Billy Madison hoping to win the ownership of his father’s company and his approval and love, is sad. she couldn’t even name a single Founding Father. i know like 3 of them. i try not to get real political but even Bush voters can agree that this bitch has got to go. deport her or something. john mccain’s a nice guy. he had to be a POW and then he had to be running mates with this broad?? mercy mercy me

LMFAO – The Girl Can’t Help It


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  1. marc

    let it be known that i’ve been to Gaylord Opryland for a formal and it’s the mad notes!

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