the RAD anthem

As a tribute to my beginning here at mostlyjunkfood i bring you Rad Omen‘s rad new music video, Rad Anthem.

The video features fast food junkfoods finest smoking j’s, takin shots, and blowing lines as they rage hard on a night out. Wendy, Colonel S, Ron McD- these fools really know how to partyyyyy. Recognize anyone who’s dressed up in costume….?

pick up the song here

Wendy is played by d-list comedian Nick Swardson, the BKing is Beardo, but my favorite is Colonel Sanders, who appears to be none other than Dirt Nasty. Here’s a little taste of the Dirt and Beardo incase you don’t already know (you should)….

Dirt Nasty – 1980

Dirt Nasty & Beardo – Drugs on my Mind


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One response to “the RAD anthem

  1. marc

    AWESOME video. that’s a ton of blow. always knew Jack in the Box got down

    great first post Anna

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