New Vamp Week

It’s been far too long since Vampire Weekend released anything.

I mean, a whole month has passed since their brilliant sophomore album, Contra, dropped.

So why not go ahead and release some more tracks? Apparantly the other day, the group released a cover of a Rancid song, Ruby Soho.

I don’t know how much I love this song, but I respect these clowns (VW), especially Ezra, the lead singer, who I got a chance to meet and hang out with during the shoot for their “Cousins” video.

Say what you will about these guys and all the hype around them, but they’re a fun band.

Ruby Soho



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2 responses to “New Vamp Week

  1. Collin

    Yeah nice choice, was gonna post this but went with BC instead. Never thought I’d see VW do a Rancid cover, but I enjoyed anyway. Agree about the hype, doesn’t prevent me from liking them.

  2. marc

    stuart – you are a champion

    when i recently heard the Rancid song, i thought it was an obvious VW cover. they pull it off

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