I don’t give a shit that you don’t give a shit.  I have been waiting since freshman year for new Bear Colony.

I spotlighted Bear Colony back on my old blog, about a year ago.  I’ve been listening to their debut album, We Came Here to Die, constantly since the days of the dorm room.  No need to really fill you in on the group’s backstory, you can click over on that link and check it out.  They’re their own thing, but I guess if you want something similar, I’d say Radiohead?  Definite electronica/alternative feel.

But the big news for Bear Colony fans is that they just released a FREE (as in, all free-like) EP, and you can download it.  You can download the shit out of it.  And you know that’s exactly what you’ll do.  It’s just an EP, but it’ll hold me over until their second album drops sometime in the next few months.

(Oh and that blog also reminds me about this movie coming out this year, which will be every shade of epic.  If you don’t know Tommy Wirkola and/or Dead Snow yet, you should study up son!)



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3 responses to “omgnewbearcolonyomgnewbearcolony!

  1. marc

    bear colony is the mad notes!

  2. kid named KYLE

    A new favorite

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