The Snowtorious B.I.G. is Born Again!

Hilarious music with crazy snowstorm time lapse video!

Let me begin by saying that I am a proud resident of Bethesda, Maryland just minutes outside of our glorious nations capital and only one time in my life have I seen a snow storm surpass 12 inches. Now I am reading local news reports that just two days after the record breaking 30+ inches blanketed DC, another huge storm is rolling through that could produce 10 to 20 inches! This isn’t Buffalo or Alaska. We’re not used to snow like this and it’s not welcome.

More after the jump including Kyle’s analysis
People are freaking out. I know from experience that the whole area has gone to complete shit. No one can drive in snow. The city barely has equipment ready for snow storms of any size. When i lived in the Pot-o-mac, deep in suburbia, we would get days off of school for as little as an inch due to the lack of plows and man power. With a snow storm this size and the whole east coast getting hit with snow ( no chance for help from the north) DC is gonna have to deal with this solo. Not a good thing.

But I understand most of you don’t care about this. So it’s important to point out that this is a historic winter with 3 record-breaking snowstorms, the storms have already shut down (most of) capital hill and may keep it closed for the rest of the week. Thousands of people are stranded without electricity and many without food. Washington DC for the better part of the winter has been shut down.

Why is this happening? Is the world falling apart? Maybe M. Night Shyamalan was right but instead of the plants it’s the weather? No even that would be too retarded for this post. So in the midst of intense brainstorming I have managed to find a clue that could explain the historic snow fall and crazy weather.

My clue came from the 2004 smash hit (questionable) The Day After Tomorrow. The unprecedented cold in Florida and massive snow fall in DC are not signs of an apocalypse after all. It looks like Ice Age 2.0 is upon us. A wintery beast has been born again and Washington DC is starting to look like the terrible CGI effects in that movie I already forgot.

Real Pic of DC

Lets hope the writer Roland Emmerich wasn’t entirely correct with his 2004 prediction, or else Hollywood should start preparing for a swarm of killer tornados.

We can survive, We will prevail! Mother Nature doesn’t have shit on me!

Notorious BIG- Everyday Struggle




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2 responses to “The Snowtorious B.I.G. is Born Again!

  1. Collin

    Too bad Congress wasn’t snowed in too…they’re loving every excuse not to do their jobs right now.

  2. kid named KYLE

    12:58pm ET – Thundersnow

    Yes, you did see lightning. Yes, you did hear thunder. We are getting reports of thundersnow occurring in parts of the Philadelphia metro region and the D.C. region.

    This is from the live weather channel feed. WTF

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