half staff day


when I passed IU’s ROTC center today I noticed the flag was at half staff. i couldn’t help but wonder if it was because of the death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen or Bill Clinton’s hospitalization

as google and twitter would tell me, a lot of women and gay men are very upset about McQueen’s alleged suicide. apparently he was responsible for some of the more interesting Lady Gaga fashion decisions. always sad when someone dies or takes their own life – RIP

and a speedy recovery to you Slick Willy. legends never die. true OG



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2 responses to “half staff day

  1. internetson

    is it just me or is this new format not showing me which clown wrote the post?

  2. marc

    haha you can probably guess who wrote it. not feeling some aspects of the new format either. still in progress. big things on the way

    real talk. maybach music. bawse’s life

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