falling asleep at 6am.

Or at least maybe, but who cares – it’s the weekend!

Anyway, it’s been a helluva week for my favorite artists releasing new material.  First, it was Bear Colony.  This evening, I received my pre-order of Electric President’s third album, The Violent Blue.  Unfamiliar?  Check out my Mos Defferson spotlight first then.

On a first listen of the new album, it’s amazing how Ben Cooper and Alex Kane have refined their craft as their discography continues.  Songs off their first album (S/T) were really good, but definitely a little sloppy (of course, in my opinion, that was half the fun.)  Their sound has just evolved so damn much between then and now, though.  And that’s all you can really ask of artists you enjoy, right?  That they keep advancing their work and manage to ward off complacency.

I’m most definitely falling asleep to this track tonight, which meshes nicely with the two hours of Bioshock 2 I just played.  Please, if you enjoy, consider buying the album.  Pre-orders are already sold out, so you won’t be grabbing one of those sweet terrifying monster/bear shirts, but I’m assuming more album orders will be ready to go sometime in the next week.

Electric President – the ocean floor

And as a bonus, because I like you all so much, I’ll throw in another favorite from the album with a far more awake sound:

Electric President – safe and sound

Don’t text me until 3pm, world.  Peace.

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