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dan black ft. kid cudi symphonies remix

dan black

in case the last video left a bad taste in your mouth, here’s something a little more in a different direction

symphonies remix official video

dig the song. we’re on the mescudder’s d extra hard lately. eat some breakfast first


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roulettes and dubsteps

actually made some friends on chat roullette just now. they greeted me with a sign that said “weed or nipples” and i knew it was the start of a wonderful friendship. they were some English blokes drinking lager and listening to Satchmo, just cruising for nipples. aren’t we all?? i put them on to the blog and they suggested these two songs (both of which i’ve never heard before and both of which are great):

so here’s to you, UK homeys. thanks for putting me on.

weed and nipples and jazz music for life

haha oh and to my other friend i made today – you’s a fool for this one

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TAKE HER hahahaha i love the internet

shouts to YouTube

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There will be Horns!

I think Diplo has remixed his song “Way More” on almost every CD he has released. Its a skeet! (frisky dingo reference) This is the original from his 2004 release Florida (must have album). The horns on this track create an epic build up to a beautifully layered, heavy hitting beat. Check it out.

Way More- Diplo


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Snow Day Zone OUT

So I have have been a huge fan of the electronic scene coming out of the UK for a few years now. Their dub artists are insane! But I mostly enjoy the magically foggy & haunted dub anthems that come from England. These spooky tracks define what it is to be English. Introspectively sitting in a dark pub, drinking dark beer , waiting for the rain to stop. (Kinda like a Guy Ritchie movie)

Here is one of my favorite UK dub artist, Burial .

Try and name all of the samples used in this song. Its not too hard.

Archangel- Burial

Give new music a try!

Bonus Track: UK


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Holy Shit… Where’d You Find This?

In the midst of mindless googling I came across a magical discovery. A tribute mixtape to the great Flying Lotus mixed by the twisted mind of The Gaslamp KIller. The mix is a year old but an awesome find. A must have for all true hip-hop lovers.  DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ONE!

Decademix Download


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Lost (Starkey Remix) -Gorilla Zoe

Another amazing Track from the Stones Throw ATL RMX album. For those that don’t know Starkey this is a great start, more of him to come.

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Donnis + Nosaj Thing= amazing dub remix of the hit “Gone”

Gone ( Nosaj Thing Remix)

Nosaj Thing is easily my favorite new producer/musician from LA and Donnis has ATL on lock!


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