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five films you’ll never want to see again.

That is, if you can even make it through them the first time (for some, I couldn’t.)

Some rules before I start listing them off: these had to be films I actually saw.  That rules out most Japanese gore-porn titles.  Why?  Because, while I’m sure I’ll never want to see them again, they just have no inherent cultural value to pique my interest in the first place.  You cannot tell me that ‘Men Behind the Sun’ has any redeeming value.  Which is not to say I’d ever censor it if when I run the world, but just that I’d never personally choose to watch something of that nature.  Second, they had to be films that – true to the title – I’ve never watched again.  In the interest of honesty and all.

It turns out that some of these are terrific films, films I would recommend to everyone if I thought anyone had the stomach for them.  But, on a good conscience, it’s just difficult to suggest something that might make someone hate you for quite a while, so I’m shaping this in the mold of a dare instead of a recommendation.

See the list after the jump.

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I don’t give a shit that you don’t give a shit.  I have been waiting since freshman year for new Bear Colony.

I spotlighted Bear Colony back on my old blog, about a year ago.  I’ve been listening to their debut album, We Came Here to Die, constantly since the days of the dorm room.  No need to really fill you in on the group’s backstory, you can click over on that link and check it out.  They’re their own thing, but I guess if you want something similar, I’d say Radiohead?  Definite electronica/alternative feel.

But the big news for Bear Colony fans is that they just released a FREE (as in, all free-like) EP, and you can download it.  You can download the shit out of it.  And you know that’s exactly what you’ll do.  It’s just an EP, but it’ll hold me over until their second album drops sometime in the next few months.

(Oh and that blog also reminds me about this movie coming out this year, which will be every shade of epic.  If you don’t know Tommy Wirkola and/or Dead Snow yet, you should study up son!)


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the amazing spiderman.

So it’s been on Reddit for a few days.  But I had to bring it here.  Because everything you ever needed to know about a Wes Anderson film was contained in that trailer (though it’s still not as good as Lego Twin Peaks, and if you ever want to make it in Hollywood, you unfortunately have to say that you know who David Lynch is.)

Wes Anderson has actually fallen out of favor with me recently.  ‘Rushmore’ was my favorite film in high school.  I introduced quite a few people to Anderson.  And I actually liked ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ a lot, but ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ was unforgivably bad and he needs to make a good live-action movie to make up for it.  Right now.  Preferably without re-hashing the quirky, divided family that comes together in the end storyline…again.

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I miss frisky Dingo, Archer on Fx just isn’t cutting it. I feel most people missed out on this amazing Adult Swim program and its a damn shame. The show is pure comedy.

Here is tribute video highlighting the classic moments of season one.

“Yes, riding dirty no doubt. With their bubba Kush.”
“What the hell damn guy!”
“London calling”


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Being a GDI

Its awkward not knowing anyone but fun being an asshole and over aggressive with their women. So overall I give it……..


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the results are in! 2009 junkies.

You’ve been waiting a week.  You haven’t slept.  You’ve constantly refreshed this blog, refusing to so much as vacate your bowels.  And now the moment is here.

But I’d suggest you finish reading the post before you poop.  2009 Junkies after the jumpie.  Haha.  So clever.

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oscar fail.

Seriously, Academy?

I know 2009 was, by in large, a bad year for movies.  But if the (newly-extended) Oscar nominations are any indication, it might have been the worst year for movies.

My thoughts after the pmuj.  Which, I’m told, is “jump” backwards.  Or in Swedish.  Maybe both.  Click it or piss off.

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