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david guetta/kid cudi – memories official video

this is worth posting/watching i suppose. never really felt this song like others do. Guetta is a straight goon. he’s just painfully european in this clip, with the awkward clothing decisions and off-putting hand movements/dance steps. looks like he’s DJ’ing at a used car lot. apparently shot in the 305

video reminds me a lot of the one for “when love takes over.” more guetta bafoonery ensues. french people

can’t hate on the G-man for making music that makes people want to shop at Forever 21/Abercrombie or for looking funny and moving awkwardly. all my favorite dj’s are a little weird. you probably wouldn’t recognize any of them on CHAT ROULETTE. deadmau5 looks like this under the mouse head, there is hardly a discernable difference between Diplo and Dax Shepard. in fact they could very well be the same person. dj benzi resembles a Chernobyl victim who plays Sega Genesis indoors all day long and Daft Punk look very much like you might expect them to underneath their robo helmets



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Donnis + Nosaj Thing= amazing dub remix of the hit “Gone”

Gone ( Nosaj Thing Remix)

Nosaj Thing is easily my favorite new producer/musician from LA and Donnis has ATL on lock!


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FOREVER grammy performance +

drake, lil wayne, eminem & travis barker perform at 010 grammys – special creepy Tarantino introduction

i thought the 60% of this that they aired was last night’s watershed performance. arguably one of the songs/collaborations of the year. damn shame Yeezy wasn’t there (his verse is my favorite of all of them). The Travis Barker refix of the song was one of the better ones, but i’ve got my favorite after the LEAP Continue reading

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nap on the map.

Back on the scene.  Gave up trying to sleep.  Colts in AFC Championship game tomorrow, get hyped!

Speaking of the Colts, Indy-area alternative rap group the Mudkids put out some sort of Colts anthem today.  I’d link it, but it’s pretty lame.  Not nearly as lame as the abortion of an anthem Prince put out for the Vikings, which plays like the Lollipop Guild church choir, but it was still pretty bad.

(EDIT: Mudkids replied with the link to the track and encourage you to listen and give your opinion.  I’m not about expecting you to blindly agree with my taste in music, so queue it up and leave a comment telling us/them what you think.)

After a bit of discussion with some folks, it occurred to me that Indianapolis isn’t really a viable music scene.  At least not yet.  You have your few exceptions, Margot & The Nuclear So-Sos being the most obvious example, but for the most part nobody really sticks out.  And when somebody tries to stick out, it’s usually pretty bad.

So I found it interesting that, in Metromix’s 2009 close-out, they named Indy-area rapper/producer/entrepreneur G-Fresh (AKA Getta Fresh) as one of the 50 most (culturally) influential Indianapolis citizens in ’09.  This happened to coincide with HOT 96.3 playing G-Fresh’s hit single “On My Momma” approximately every 15 minutes, declaring it the track that could potentially put Indy on the map.  I know this started in November and has been going strong ever since.

(If you have no clue what this track is or don’t live in the Indy area, here’s the music video off YT, or the MTV cut of the same thing.)

I’ll say this: it’s at least palatable.  That’s a first for the Indy rap scene.  Overwrought with stereotypical hood overtures – crackhouse, smashhouse, blah – but you hear it so many times and your brain just kinda goes numb to those things.  In other words, every fiber of my image-conscious being tells me that I should walk away.  But…I kinda like it?  I’m sorry.

That’s not the point though.  The point is that I’m glad that at least someone is trying.  Check my tracking of the (recent) Indy rap scene after the jump and see why we should all feel better about G-Fresh’s contributions.

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i got a nautical themed pashmina afghan

lonely island and tpain


Fat YouTube Guy
Bert and Ernie
The Roots and Lonely Island

i realize everyone is onto “Mother Lover” now and this song is quite old, but the Lonely Island’s rendition of “I’m On a Boat” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon really revived it for me. The Roots have been far and away the best part of the Fallon show and this performance, complete with cardboard cutout boats, plush dolphins and nautical-themed choreography, was incredibly live and spirited. Black Thought as T-Pain was a revelation.

a whole slew of YouTube videos of the performance have been taken down due to NBC’s stern copyright infringement policy so we have to make due with their own slow and shitty link. but if you can make it past the load times, be prepared to enjoy a BeastieBoys-like brash performance littered with bleeps

king of the world like Leo
if you’re on the shore than you’re sure not me-yo

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back on my bullshit


hello motherfucker hey hi how ya durn??  a few people have read this “blog” before.  but a lot of people have not.  hopefully more people will begin to.  there are several aged posts, some featuring good mixes of valuable mp3’s and some that could only be described as ????

i’m back with my co-conspirator trying to get this back off the ground and keep it updated rather regularly this summer.  he will undoubtedly introduce himself in the next post.  he’s nice
as you can see to your right, the itunes has become overun with coke rap all-stars, a favorite genre of mine.  the retarded amounts of lil’ wayne and young jeezy can only be attributed to several hours dj’ing fraternity beerpong.

anyway glad to get the first post in over a year done with, look for big things.  i’m gonna have fun with this

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powder white, get your sniff on

ghostface & raekwon – kilo 

a kilo is 1000 grams – it’s easy to remember

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