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unplugged and undrugged

if someone were to present me with the hypothetical situation where i’m sequestered on a Lost island in Tunisia or somewhere and could only bring 1 cd and 1 dvd it would be Alice in Chains Unplugged, the CD and DVD

this shit is so hard. alice in chains was the best. haven’t really listened to the new lineup with the black guy replacing Layne (rip Damn he looks so fucked up in this video too). you might not be into grunge, but the rhythm section is undeniable on this one. listening to this song reminds me of recklessly weaving through Laurel Canyon in a Land Rover the first time i was in LA. no one has invented speakers loud enough for this yet

enjoy, give it a chance. so many classics on that record too. Jar of Flies is my shit too


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New Vamp Week

It’s been far too long since Vampire Weekend released anything.

I mean, a whole month has passed since their brilliant sophomore album, Contra, dropped.

So why not go ahead and release some more tracks? Apparantly the other day, the group released a cover of a Rancid song, Ruby Soho.

I don’t know how much I love this song, but I respect these clowns (VW), especially Ezra, the lead singer, who I got a chance to meet and hang out with during the shoot for their “Cousins” video.

Say what you will about these guys and all the hype around them, but they’re a fun band.

Ruby Soho


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horny girl


leonardo dicaprio’s sexy ass girlfriend Bar Refaeli, from SI Swimsuit Issue (i’ve bought it every year since like 5th grade – painted on bikinis dude what more can i say? (c) Buchannans Hov)

kinetics and one love – horny girl

how could i not post this irresistible song. and look at all that azzzzz

cot damn – it’s a new daayyy. new verses plz

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Balmorhea – Bowsprit

love this track. we were introduced by the good people at TBE and now i’d like you to meet it too

</Night Shift>

jamarcus.  you know we finna Raid Her

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the xx – Islands (Live)

a lot of people are just now catching up and crushing on this band. this is the first song of theirs i fell in love with. i fell asleep to their debut record Xx every night for a couple of weeks. can’t say enough about how good that cd is. this video is nice because it can introduce newcomers to the beautiful simplicity of their musical arrangements and maybe reveal to people who were already fans that the girl looks like kelly osbourne and the guy voice belongs to the bass player who resembles Eminem back when he dressed like this

if you’d like, you could see the XX live with me at IU’s Buskirk Chumley on April 6th, with alphabet band buddies the JJ

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indie yacht party


brendan – indie yacht party (cod kwassa)

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let it loose


probably my favorite beatles rolling stones song

almost like it as much as my new ring tone

let it loose from the !CLASSIC! exile on main

should be listening to zappa for this test, but i do what i want. who needs the peace corps?

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