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how to make it in america pilot episode link

you downloaded the mixtape, now watch How to Make it In America, the latest offering from HBO, before it’s debut on Sunday

good to see former “The OC” hottie Samaire Armstrong get work.  you also got Finch from American Pie getting some nice screen time and i recognize the main character from Bride Wars….Pause….Scott “Kid” Mescuddi is about as good an actor as Saigon.  that being said, my expectations of the show were sort of that it would be an Entourage, before it ran out of ideas and set in NYC.  time will tell.  they’ve got good music on the show so far – I’ll keep watching with an open mind.

I could see how it going either way at this point, judging strictly from the pilot episode.

what do you think, anonymous chat roulette user?


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how to make it in america


Kid Mescudder dropped a mixtape to promote his new HBO comedy “How to Make it in America,” premiering this Sunday (which is Valentines Day or VD as they say in the industry). I know everyone’s been dying to fill their Sunday Night TV (SNTV) void and now there’s not even football. So I’m giving it a a shot

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Thank God Charlie’s Back

Well, it happened.

LOST came back in a big fucking way.

Overall, I was impressed with the season premiere. I mean, the whole flashing back and forth between the cast off of the island on the plane and with them on the island was great. ON THE PLANE: Locke’s still handicapped, Kate’s still fucking that US Marshall up on the reg, Sawyer’s still a con-man and not madly in love with Juliet in the ’70s, Jack’s still a goody, goody doc BUT ON THE ISLAND, of course, all of that is nill, everybody’s the same characters we’ve grown to love and hate.

Best question answered last night: What (or who) is The Smoke Monster?

Since the first season, everyone has wondered what the hell the large cloud of smoke that makes machine noises is…well now we have an answer…sort of.

The smoke monster is the man in black who is currently John Locke?

Fuck it, I’ll take it.

Apparently the man in black (Jacob’s nemesis) couldn’t exist in human form on the island, hence him taking the form of a cloud of evil smoke and then when John died, hopping in his body, as well.

(Disclaimer: To all the people not obsessed with LOST, I’m terribly sorry, this is probably nonsense to you, so go out and watch the first five seasons, already.)

Another high point to the episode(view: pic) was the triumphant return of Mostly Junkfood’s favorite heroin addicted rock star: Charlie. He  was back on the plane, choking down his little baggie of heroin, like a true champion. Is it any wonder why he’s my favorite character?

I enjoyed this 2 hour event premiere to the full extent,  especially while I was slamming shots of vodka everytime any character said Island. I only hope that the JJ Abrams crew keeps to their word and answers every last damn question. One of my all-time questions is why the hell was  the character Libby in an insane asylum? They best answer that one.

That’s one of the hundreds of questions to be answered over the next thirteen episodes.

4/4 stars for the first ep back.


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the formula.

So, so true…and this was freshman year before the time-travel kicked in.

I made a better one for ‘House, M.D.’ honestly.  Thoughts on Oscar noms in a few..

i like cats. laser cats.

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the 2010 tv hype guide.

There really is no excuse to be missing out on good television this year.

Before I even get into the plethora of incredible programs that will be airing in 2010, I should point out that HDTVs are selling for ridiculously low prices right now.  I bought this baby on sale last November for $700 (post-tax), and I ain’t exactly rich.  You can easily find good HDTVs for $400-500 right now, you practically trip over one deal on your way to the next.  And if you don’t need 120+Hz (if you don’t watch a lot of sports, you really don’t need 120+Hz) TVs, you might even find a good one at $300-350.  Point is, if you don’t have an HDTV, you really just don’t care about TV.  Which is perfectly fine.  Prioritize, you know.  But I’m saying, if you really are attached to your TV, there’s really no excuse to not have gone HD by now.

That rant considered, it’s also a great time for TV because there has been a considerable boom of great programming lately, often from places we least expect.  Hell, even DirecTV’s 101 Channel – accessible to all of six Americans – has dibs on ‘Friday Night Lights’.  There are a lot of great shows on, and there’s a great show for everyone out there.

Hit the jump to see what I’ve got my eye on for 2010.

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mad flow lazy super fun micwreck wednesday.

(These Miami/NY street signs are awesome.  Check them out!)

Well, I was thinking about posting something substantive.  But substantive requires effort.  I spent about seven hours total in class today.  I was up until 5am last night reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (so sue me — those doodle notebooks could have come straight from my junior high backpack…in fact, I’m pretty sure the author stole my life and added imaginary siblings for his story.)  In other words, I’m not really feeling productive.

So that means it’s time for a mad flow lazy super fun micwreck Wednesday.  And you’re lucky.  I’m going to throw some entertaining video clips your way, related to that theme.  I spared you Gred Odenporn.  Seriously.  The Huffington Post does not lie.

Super fun micwreck videos after the jump!

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the dude from City High was on A&E’s Intervention

city high

click the picture for the video of the song you know them for

his drug of choice btw alcohol. at one point in the episode he beautifully played “a song for you” by donny hathaway on the piano and his voice is still on point. he’s got no business drinking Steel Reserve that shit is grrrrosssssss son

[mild spoilers]

he was dating Claudette the hot girl in the group until she left him for the other guy in the group. the group split and he moved in with his parents again. but candy finnigan, that minx, convinced him to seek treatment – in MALIBU where else and he’s been sober since October. watching him drunk viewing his youtube video was funny and now all the comments are about the episode. twitter is aflutter and you know the Junkfood is on it, Intervention is one of my favorite shows. Jeff Van Vonderen would have been a better choice…

another aside: he took a ginormous pull from a vodka bottle and goes “mmmm There’s the flavor!” adopting this saying for my own alcoholism. college

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